Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

The area of cosmetic dentistry focuses on offering treatments and solutions that not only improve the aesthetic appearance, but also the health of your teeth. Your smile is one of the most important assets of your physical appearance and our cosmetic dental solutions are aimed at helping you preserve, maintain and improve the beauty and health of your smile. Whether the problem is minor chips and cracks, or alignment issues with your bite, our practice offers comprehensive solutions for all your dental problems.

Some of the cosmetic treatments offered at our practice include:

  • Inlays/Onlays: Inlays and onlays are also known as indirect fillings and are made using composite or porcelain. They are a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing way of improving your smile. They are created in a dental laboratory before being fitted and adhesively bonded into place in the mouth.
  • Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the simplest, most inexpensive and most commonly used cosmetic dental treatment. The procedure is used to remove surface stains from the teeth caused due to smoking, consumption of certain foods, or poor oral hygiene.
  • Smile Makeover: Smile makeovers involve a combination of one or more cosmetic dental treatments to change the smile and convert it into its best possible health and appearance. A smile makeover begins with assessment of your smile esthetics to improve its overall appearance and help you achieve the look you wish for.
  • Composite Bonding: Composite bonding is used to improve the appearance of broken, chipped, decayed, or discolored or decayed teeth by the application of a composite resin which is shaped, contoured and hardened onto to the tooth surface using a special curing light.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers or laminates are adhesively bonded to the surface of a tooth to correct and repair chips and cracks and improve a worn appearance or severe tooth discoloration.

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