Halitosis Treatment

Halitosis Treatment

Halitosis is the medical term for bad breath. It is a problem that can be experienced by people of any age. Bad breath mostly results from the contact of bacterial waste in the mouth with air. When bacterial plaque is not removed from the teeth and gums, it continues to grow and ultimately may lead to halitosis, tooth decay, and gum disease.

Causes of Bad Breath

  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Improper care and cleaning of dental appliances such as braces and dentures
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Conditions such as tooth decay, impaction, gum disease, dental abscesses, throat and lung infection, dry mouth, etc.
  • Certain medications that produce dry mouth or inhibit the flow of saliva.
  • Certain foods such as onions, garlic, coffee, cabbage, curry, etc. The debris of high-protein foods stuck between the teeth can also contribute to bad breath.

Tips to prevent bad breath

  • Practice Good Dental Hygiene
    Maintaining a good oral care regimen can help you keep halitosis at bay. Food particles stuck between the teeth and around the gums create an environment for bacteria to multiply and cause malodor. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing daily can help keep your teeth clean. One should also visit our dental office at least twice a year for regular checkups and dental cleanings, which help to get rid of tartar deposits in the hidden areas of the mouth where brush and floss cannot reach. Gently clean your tongue and the insides of the cheek while brushing. If you wear dental appliances such as braces and dentures, keep them clean.
  • Maintain a Proper Diet

    The food you eat has a significant role to play in your dental hygiene. Certain foods, such as raw and fibrous fruits and vegetables can promote saliva flow to limit the possibility of halitosis. Stay hydrated by drinking ample amount of water and avoid excess consumption of sweet and sugary foods and drinks.

  • At Edison Park Smiles, we offer various forms of treatment for bad breath caused due to dental conditions, depending upon its origin. If you need more information, please contact our practice for a consultation.

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